Expert Debugger FAQ

Q: Can I use Expert Editor in my product?
A: Yes, but redistributions of any form whatsoever must retain the following acknowledgment:
"This product includes Expert Debugger, (C) 2000-2006 Ankord Development Group,".

This product includes DBG PHP Debugger and You must comply with provision of DBG PHP Debugger Agreement (see the file COPYING).

Q: Where I can download a file php_dbg.dll for my version PHP?
A: The last php_dbg files you can find here:
This is a site of developer DBG PHP Debugger.

Q: The Expert Debugger not show the Result. What can I do?
A: PHP buffering a output, and it is necessary to disable this option in php.ini. Otherwise the result may not be displayed at debugging.

Please set option output_buffering to off in the file php.ini.

output_buffering = off

Q: I am trying to get the debugger working and I keep getting this error message: "Failed to establish connection to client host on";
A: Please make sure that Your Firewall allow connect to port 7869
(this is a port of DBG).

Q: Where I can read about PHP DBG more?

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