PHP Expert Editor FAQ

Q: Can I use editor at office and at laptop?
A: Yes, You can use PHP Expert Editor on any computer. Strictly forbidden to transfer registration key to any persons.

Q: Can I use PHP Expert Editor without PHP?
A: Yes. PHP Expert Editor fine work without PHP, but you cannot run, debug a scripts, check syntax and use the PHP macros.

Q: Can I use PHP Expert Editor to make CGI scripts for Unix?
A: Yes. You can use PHP Expert Editor for writing PHP scripts for any platform where PHP is installed. You can choose the file format using File->File Format menu.

Q: Whether should I install Apache or another web server on my computer to test PHP scripts by PHP Expert Editor?
A: No. PHP Editor has internal web-server.

Q: Can I run my script which generate images?
A: Yes. PHP Expert Editor support a majority of existing Content-Types. You can run scripts which generate any images format (GIF, PNG, JEPEG, etc.).

Q: Where can I get free ready-made PHP scripts?
A: For example, on

Q: Where can I read more about PHP?
A: Official PHP site -, PHP FAQ -

Q: When I call a new form from a PHP program and try to pass some variables to it, the variables are not passed. Please tell me why this does not work and what I can do to correct the problem?

A: Please check option register_globals in php.ini. If register_globals = Off then you can access all of the GPC variables through the $HTTP_*_VARS[]
For example:

print $HTTP_GET_VARS['var1'];

if register_globals = On then the EGPCS variables will be registered as global variables. And you can use following code:

print $var1;

You should do your best to write your scripts so that they do not require register_globals to be on. Using form variables as globals can easily lead to possible security problems, if the code is not very well thought of.

Q: I try test script which upload file from the HTML form, and any variables not pass to script. But this script fine work in my site.
A: Sorry, but internal HTTP server of PHP Expert Editor not support encoding type "multipart/form-data".

Q: When you press <TAB>, the programm inserts <TAB>. Is it possible 'TAB' change to 'spaces'?
A:Please use 'Options->Editor Options...' menu to open Editor options dialog, then uncheck option 'Use TAB Character' and set a count of spaces at 'Tab Stops:' field.

Q: I was wondering how do I tell your program to connect to the MySql?
A: The PHP Expert Editor can be used to run scripts which use MySQL. Does not need make or change any settings in the editor for work with MySQL. You can install MySQL for Windows on the computer and at once use it, or use accessible MySQL server in the network.

Q: I have set a break point and have started debugging. But script run and not stop on break points.
A: To resolve a problem with debugger please check a debugger configuration in the php.ini file. Usually it locate at Windows directory.

1. Add this section into php.ini:

debugger.enabled = true
debugger.JIT_host =
debugger.JIT_port = 7869
debugger.enable_session_cookie = false
debugger.profiler_enabled = true

Don't change a debugger.JIT_host and debugger.JIT_port settings!

2. Then copy php_dbg.dll into appropriate directory. Read PHP documentation on how to install PHP extension. If you not specify extension directory in php.ini then you may copy php_dbg.dll into Windows directory. The php_dbg.dll files distribute with PHP Expert Editor. They locate in folders "Server Patr PHP 4.x.x".

3. Add entry into php.ini file

Then You can start PHP Expert Editor and try to debug a scripts.

Q: Where I can download a file php_dbg.dll for my version PHP?
A: The last php_dbg files you can find here:
This is a site of developer DBG PHP Debugger.

Q: I am trying to get the debugger working and I keep getting this error message: "Failed to establish connection to client host on";
A: Please make sure that Your Firewall allow connect to port 7869
(this is a port of DBG).

Q: I try to run a script after the end of debugging, but debugging start again. How to correct it?
A: Please try to add follofing parameter to php.ini file (section [debugger]):

debugger.enable_session_cookie = false

Q: How to change color settings?
A: To change a color settings:
  1. Please open a 'Syntax Lexer Library' by menu 'Options->Syntax File Editor...'. You can change collor and syntax settings of syntax schemes at 'Syntax Lexer Library'.
  2. Open the needed syntax scheme by double click.
  3. Choose a sheet 'Styles'.
  4. Choose a needed item (for example 'Variable'), and set a color settings at right side of window.

Other color settings You can change at sheets 'Styles' of other syntax schemes.

The syntax schemes saved at Standard.lxl file. I recommend to make a copy of .lxl files before changes.

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